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    Awsome Trading

    Trade is becoming more and more agile, faster and more mobile - an Admin Tool has to be the same, of course 100% mobile optimized.
    We have migrated the first set of functions of our well-known GKS Admin Tool to our new platform and have already integrated new functions to make trading on our marketplaces even more great.

    Admin Tool becomes Admin NEW!

    New features and updates are added almost daily, except on Fridays!

    The launched Admin NEW is intuitive to use and combines well-known systematics of the platform with a completely new layout and optimized functions

    All settings and order handlings that are done in the old or new Admin Tool are automatically synchronized. So you have total freedom when and where you want to work.

    In order to follow changes in the Admin NEW, we have set up a changelog in the members area, where our current updates to the system are documented and briefly explained.

    The following functions are currently available in Admin NEW:

    • Order management
      • My Purchases
        Including new order management
      • My Sales
        Including new order management
    • Sell
      • Overview my offers
      • Add new offer
      • Post new short offer (item trader special function)
    • Support Section
      • Definition of product conditions
      • Documentations section
      • Price list
      • Live support
    What's new? Here are some great examples:
    • Clearance and Overstock Dealers Special - The short offer with WhatsApp and Facebook integration!
      The quickest way for real overstock and clearance dealers to sell - very easy to use - promised!
      You have just purchased a stock, are on site, in the showroom or at the auction and your sales should start immediately? From now on you only need your smartphone and the Admin NEW to succeed!
      With a few clicks, an offer is created, the photos are taken immediately with the smartphone camera and the description text can even be dictated into the system! Quantity, price and quality - publish immediately, or schedule for automatic activation in the future!
      With 1 click you share the offer optimized for WhatsApp and Facebook in your groups. No more creating collages, no more PC necessary - preview picture, article description, quantity, price and quality are immediately with a preview visible in your groups and linked with the offer on RESTPOSTEN.de.
    • Fix Order Management, order acceptance now with a few clicks
      Sellers can now accept received binding orders and inquiries with a few clicks. The so-called Fix Order Management queries the most important order details such as freight costs and produces a binding order via the Admin NEW with just a few clicks. Sellers can easily upload their own receipts such as an invoice or packing list.
      The buyer is automatically informed of new information and receipts by email.
      Especially smaller orders can thus be processed optimally.
    • Order Split & Add substitutes / alternative products
      Not every order can be executed as desired. With just a few clicks, sellers can revise received inquiries or order quantities, split orders into 2 partial deliveries, or add subsitutes / replacement products to an order if ordered products are already out of stock.
    • Reject order
      This is familiar to every clearance or overstock dealer - you have already sold out the item, the minimum order value has not been reached? Sellers can reject received orders in a quick dialog and simply select out of the most common reasons using our text template. The ordering buyer is automatically informed via the Admin NEW + Email and the order is archived.
    • Integrated packing lists
      Not every seller has his own logistics system, orders received can be printed just with 1 click as a packing list for logistics. This keeps trade moving.
    • Integrated order books
      Buyers can generate an order book from their placed orders at the push of a button. What has been ordered, how much should be delivered in what quality, at what price should the goods be sold? A list and all information for the inspection of the delivery or further sale is already documented.
    • Publish offers on time
      Not every offer should go live immediately, simply prepare your attractive offers, create them completely and schedule for automatic activation in the future! The "go live" is done on time by our system, fully automatically in the background.
    Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?
    How to reach our customer service

    Mail: service@gksgmbh.de Tel: +49 212 380 89 0
    Mon-Fri from 9.00am to 5.00pm | Support in german and english

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